June 30th, 2004 : Central Park, NYC
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Getting There, Getting Around, Sleeping...

Getting to NYC

When flying into NYC, you can use any of the following airports: JFK (JFK), Laguardia (LGA), Newark (EWR). If you put in NYC when searching for flights, it will search all three airports. We have found great deals through Orbitz, but also check to see if JetBlue flys from a location near you.

Getting from the airport to the City

Taxi fares have recently gone up, but its is still the most convenient if you are several people. Expect to pay $45-55 from the airports. To take public transport check below:


Take the Airtrain ($5) to Jamaica Station, then follow the signs to either the E Subway, or Long Island Rail Road (LIRR) into the city. The LIRR is a bit faster if you are staying near Penn Station, otherwise taking the subway into the city (see below) and take a cab once you are there to your Hotel.


Taking public transport is the most confusing for this airport. Take the M60 bus from the curb (You need $2 in change if you don't have a metrocard). Take this to Astoria Blvd stop to transfer to the N or W train (ask the driver). The station is in the elevated superstructure above the street. Take the subway into the city (check the map for the stop that makes the most sense for you) and take a cab once you are there to your Hotel.


Take the free airtrain to the NJ Transit station. Buy a ticket to Penn Station from one of the machines, and take a cab once you are there to your Hotel.

Getting Around

Cabs fares have recently gone up, but often still make sense for 2 or more. It can be hard to catch a cab if it is raining. Traffic can make them a very slow option (especially crosstown). Trains can be confusing if your not familiar with subways in general, and New York's in particular. Schedule changes, express trains, and crowds can be part of the experience. Check the MTA website for schedules, and check out the map. To use the subway, you buy a metrocard at one of the machines (takes cash or credit). Buy the $10 card and get an extra ride (you can share a card).


There are litteraly thousands of hotels in NYC, you can find many great deals through Orbitz, and Hotels.com. Any hotel in the midtown area (where many are concentrated) will provide great access to the city.

We will be staying at the Hudson, a funky hotel off the SW corner of Central Park.

The best rates on this hotel can be found directly from its website